TBWCW in Vents Magazine

Vents Magazine has interviewed The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Check it out: http://ventsmagazine.com/boy-cried-wolf/

Show with our friends Pavilionul. and MC Broko!

Pavilionul. / Broko / Forest

It’s Just A Rebel, Sir!

The Boy Who Cried Wolf have a new video out. Great job by OLDBOYSTUDIO / Razvan Raduta!


isitf / dignity / anemic / input selector


Coins as Portraits will be opening for one of their favorite bands, Cryptopsy, on their Bucharest show. Really excited about this gig!


I Stared Into the Forest – “To Hang by a Thread” Video

Now it’s ISITF’s time! Thanks to our friends Iulian PlayOrDie, Mihai Andrei and Punku for filming our shows!

The Boy Who Cried Wolf – “Ghost Riders” Video

The Boy Who Cried Wolf are a prolific bunch! This is their video for “Ghost Riders”, directed by the band’s bass player – Serban Ionut Georgescu:

“Bad Time Stories” is here!!

It makes us proud to release The Boy Who Cried Wolf’s debut “Bad Time Stories”. Great energy and some really cool riffs from this new hardcore/metal band. Free download as always and physical format a bit later!

Download/ listen on Bandcamp

Bad Time Stories

I Stared Into the Portraits MINITOUR 2013

Finally on the road again!

The Boy Who Cried Wolf – “Bad Time Stories”

We’re happy to announce we’ll be releasing The Boy Who Cried Wolf’s debut “Bad Time Stories” this summer!